Shout Outs

This was added August 2017 – Check back on the reg to see additions.  I’ll add them above here so there won’t be too  much scrolling/swiping involved.

Cute avatar Mii’s designed using SuperMii Comic Avatar Maker

Visit their site to get links to AppStore & PlayStore

Custom photos made by VicsPics (that’s me) using Corel PaintShop Pro X9

Hubby (Hubs) for putting up with my laptop and writing stuff taking over the dining room table.

Daughter (Melaina) for providing years of humorous story and content and answering my endless questions whenever I start a new topic.

Mom (Nana) for picking up my slack around the house and helping with grocery shopping, cooking, laundry.

Cat (Pringles) for being a needy fur-baby and refusing to let me pull all-nighters, because it’s past your play time (which is just before my bed time).