Still Can’t Fold a Fitted Sheet

I still can’t fold a fitted sheet.  Came up with that tag line while legit trying to fold one.  I’ve watched “How To” videos on YouTube, surfed Pinterest, asked my mom…it still ends up in this squarish/rectangleish ball squished down in the linen closet.  I did, however, beat the fitted sheet struggle for our bed.  I have one sheet set for us.  I strip the bed, wash and dry the sheets, put back on the bed.

One, it makes me get the laundry done, because I am NOT sleeping on a bare pad that the sales people insisted we needed for our memory foam mattress.  Two, avoid the dreaded folding of the fitted sheet.  So I was able to turn one of my fails into a WIN! Problem solved.

Through Melaina’s elementary school years, parents would discuss tips, ideas and thoughts while waiting for drop off, pick up, after school events and at PTO meetings.  I also get a new ‘best friend’ almost every time I am out somewhere.  I just can’t help talking to people.  Or if we are having a discussion on how I get Melaina to do ‘chores’ or homework or whatever we were discussing. Should I keep ‘chores’ in single quotes? Yes, because I don’t call them chores and when I get to that blog post, I can link back to this one.  I tell them how I did it and why I think it worked or didn’t work – I have no problems discussing my parenting fails as well as triumphs. We enter into the teen years later this year, so I may be singing a different tune by then.  I have been told by multiple people that I should start a parenting blog, including my therapist, for quite some time.  I thought it would be great to write a blog. But what if no one reads it and it is completely ignored? There are already a gazillion blogs on how to parent, what you should do in certain situations, so how would my blog get noticed as another parenting blog?  Well it might not, but talking about my parenting fails will definitely be different.  So I started making notes of things I could blog about.  Talked with hubs, Melaina, my therapist.  And started planning.

While in the throes of heated laundry, I thought to myself, “That would make a great blog tag line; ‘Still Can’t Fold a Fitted Sheet – Fail’ eh, not great, I’ve failed at more than folding a fitted sheet. Ah-ha! ‘Still Can’t Fold a Fitted Sheet & Other Parenting Fails’ YES!”  I immediately dropped the sheet into the basket and raced upstairs to my phone to make a note so I wouldn’t forget it.  Melaina thought it was good.  My mom sent the laughing with tears of joy emoji then promptly called me to start explaining how to fold a fitted sheet.  She thought I was being a smartass with the tag line comment and wanted her to call me with tips.  Hey mom, if you’re reading this…I still can’t fold a fitted sheet.


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