Dance To the official description from their website

“ is a social media platform for creating and sharing short videos. Every day, millions of people around the world use as an outlet for creative expression and communication with friends. is a platform that connects individuals to a vibrant and highly-engaged community of content creators.”

I LOVE the creative skills showcased on this app.  Again no musers ( users) under the age of 13 under any circumstances.  Terms of service link below.  Although this app skirts the age issue by NOT collecting or sharing that particular information, it is plain to see on a scroll through the featured videos that MANY appear to be in grade school.

Here is where some of the mom work comes into play.  Allowing our daughter to have a public profile on, opens up the door for anyone to see and/or contact her.  They can “heart” the video, comment on the video and even *gulp* send a DM (direct message).  A bit scary and I have my own account and follow her, so I can read the comments – not the dm’s.  There was a greater need for more rules with this app than others.  Make sure she doesn’t wear any school spirit wear, nothing in the background that might give away your location (in our case we have a city sponsored calendar in our kitchen that she takes down if she will be making a in that room.  If in a public place making one, be sure not to show the name of the location.  Check your clothing choices.  I will, and have, made her delete a few over the years that I didn’t think were appropriate either in clothing or “props”.  And if she tries to change her password or block me, well, I have the parenting app to shut it all off and make it useless *insert evil mom laugh here*.

There is a ton of fun to be had with this app.  If you are apprehensive, make the account private, get your own as well, maybe ask some friends and family with tweens/teens to follow them and they can still have fun and you can have peace of mind.

My favorite part of the app is the search page which shows a list of trending hashtags.  Some are there and gone in a day, others a few days.  There are even celebrity challenges for musers to participate in for the chance to be featured, earn a BFF and in some cases prize packages.


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Great article about the age thing for

Parent Kit  – Control and schedule what is on your child’s iPod, iPad or iPhone. Terms of Service

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