Weekend Line Up – Friday Freak Out

Friday…a lot of us, myself included, feel an automatic stress release hearing that word.

Nine-to-fivers have a couple days off, don’t need to constantly tell your kid, “Time for bed!”.  No lunches to make in a rush after dinner, while making sure everything is ready to go the next morning.  Checking homework or helping them understand something. Deep breath.  Sit back.  Take some parent chill time.  Do a family game night or outing to a local hang out – get some awesome photos post on Instagram or Facebook so everyone can see how awesome my life is.

The other half of my Gemini mom brain, regularly has Friday freak-outs!  You want me to stay home for two whole days and be an all day mom & wife?!  Say what?!  Although hubby and Melaina regularly help with anything around the house and will even offer to do some of the stuff for me, except the cat litter, that’s ‘my job’.  This part of me still suffers some form of gender biased responsibilities.  Grocery shopping, three home cooked meals; each day; for two days, catch up on laundry, spend adult time with hubby, entertain or hang out with only child, vacuum, sweep, dust, change bed sheets.  Hello?! What about me?

Oh yeah, wait…I ignored all that stuff during the week so I could spend time doing what I want and ignoring my adulting life responsibilities…so…next week, I will make a schedule and stick to it.  No, I probably won’t.  It will be this week all over again.  Oh well, it’s almost Monday and then I’ll have work, hubby will have work and Melaina will have school, so it will work itself out.

Well, it hasn’t and it won’t.  It’s like I’m stuck on the lazy river of life.  And now, I’m going to add blogging to that!  Yes!  This is fun.  A bit stressful at the moment as I am just starting out, but free flow typing comes naturally to me, so it isn’t that difficult to get a post out.  The difficult part is trying to make myself write a couple of extra posts each night to have them scheduled a week or so out.  With some other ones in drafts.  That way, if I do want a day off I’m not pulling the frantic typing on my phone, in the bathroom, at a family function because I need to get a post out by 9:00 p.m.  Don’t worry, chances are that will happen and I will make sure you all know I did it.  Because if we can all band together for parenting triumphs, we sure the heck need our villages for the fails.  And THAT is one lesson I try to always teach.  Just because you can do it alone, doesn’t mean you should or that you have to.


Cari’s Work Area – Pic by me!

So, my weekend line up is to get four posts in drafts or scheduled.  And then still write one every day to keep building the reserves.  I won’t feel bad spending hours writing on Friday night when I am child free and hubby has plans.  Saturday morning and afternoon I will have the house to myself, well and Pringles, so more writing.


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P.S. Unless after you wrote this post, your daughter needs to come home because she is not feeling well.  And you have to go visit some family that is going back home this weekend.  Then the writing time will have to wait.  May get to that bathroom post a lot sooner than we all anticipated! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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