New Age Customer Service

WHY is it so hard to talk to a person on the phone?!  Every single company wants to solve my problem easily and stress free with an email or chat session.  Well, let me tell you, unless you have a degree or some training in language arts, YOU CAN’T HELP ME OVER A COMPUTER!!!

One of my more recent forays into email customer service, led me to dealing with our local electric company and some issues with their WiFi energy device.  One of their emails was addressed, “Hell Vicki!”  Yes, seriously.  I’m assuming they meant, “Hello Vicki!” but as spell check will not catch hell for spelling hell, you have to proof read people.  Yes, I am still shaking my head over this.

Computer issues?  They just want to remotely control the system then say, “Sorry we are unable to help you with your issue.” Or more recently, the reboot of my system took so long that when it booted back up, the customer service rep had disconnected the service because I had been inactive for too long.  Really?!  You were the one that reinstalled and rebooted my system.  Aren’t you aware of how long that should take?  I never did get any communication after that either.  Not even an email saying use this case number if you continue to experience problems.

And tonight.  Cell service providers, and seriously, why so much money to use air?!  Not really, but you catch my drift.  Anyway, they want me to chat through the app.  I explain that I do not see my Apple Care plan charges on our bill.  They proceed to tell me I am billed on two lines for equipment protection.  Yup.  I know.  I see that.

Where are the charges for the Apple Care?

We don’t provide service for Apple Care.  That is provided by Apple.

Yes.  Where can I find those charges?  At the time of purchase, we chose Apple Care for all three lines.

Apple care is $99 for two years, and can only be purchased at the time of new equipment.

Yes.  When we got new phones in May, we signed up all three lines with Apple Care to be billed monthly.  Where do I find those charges?  I don’t want to be back billed.

We are not affiliated with Apple Care.

Yes.  I get that.  Do you know where I might be able to find the charges for the Apple Care?

We do not provide billing customer service on Apple Care.  You would be charged direct from Apple or the company where you initiated service.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!] Okay.  Thank you.

I logged out after this.  Do you know how quick this conversation could have been over the phone?!  LoL

I’ve had it with electronics today.


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