National Waffle Day – Gluten Free

Oh yes…I just went there.  Waffles, practically their own food group, gluten free! At school registration today, my daughter and some of her friends commented about the SnapChat filter for National Waffle Day.  That led to one of her friends saying we needed to have waffles.  She has to eat gluten free, so we swung by her house and picked up the gluten free mix and proceeded to turn my kitchen into a mess.  Well more of a mess than normal.

I’ve always heard mixed reviews about gluten free products, but having tasted the cake her friend makes – delicious by the way, I was ready to divide and conquer.  The only thing that was really different was during the mixing process.  The eggs needed to be separated.  After whipping and folding in the egg whites, the batter needed to be used immediately.


They cooked in the waffle iron pretty much the same as regular flour waffles.  Although at medium they did crisp a bit more than regular.  The taste?  Phenomenal!  Especially with the milk chocolate chips added and the hot fudge drizzled on top.

Have you tried any gluten free recipes? What are your favorite? Share them here or hop over to my Facebook page and share there.




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