Painting With a Mom’s Twist

If you aren’t familiar with Painting With a Twist or several other variations on the name with the same idea, here is the cliff’s notes. Set up a group or join an open session, bring your own beverages, including wine that they will open for you. There is usually a pre-determined picture that the group will be painting. A class artist will walk you through the process, step-by-step.  You get to hang out with your friends, share some beverages. It’s great adult time fun.

But Melaina has always wanted to go.  They do have some family sessions or if you book a private party you can have children, but we all know kids creativity and expressing that creativity, does not come with an appointment.  You have had to get crayon off a wall or floor before right?  Enter, Mom With a Twist!  Not really a name and not what I called it, but it works.

1503704131436These two are a couple years old.  Of course, because I wanted to post about them, the newest ones are MIA.  Do not ask how two 12″ x 12″ canvas paintings disappear.  It is a lot more difficult to live in disorganized chaos than you would imagine – ohh…that sounds like a good blog topic – so these are the ones that made it to the post.

These were set up as a family night activity.  No easels, just a dollar store table cloth on the dining table and newspaper on the floor.  We had no structure or picture guidance.  Just whatever we were feeling.  This could also be turned into an afternoon birthday party for tweens or teens.  Everyone loves paint.  Everyone has a different view on beauty.

I wanted to have the supplies on hand this summer for random ‘feeling creative’ days or when she had a friend over and I wanted them away from electronics.  I was able to score Stretched Canvas Super Value Pack 12″x12″ at my local Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Along with a nifty 50% off coupon.  Then over to Amazon – my true shopping and go to addiction – for this acrylic paint set.  For paint mixing and prep, I used a couple of deviled egg trays from Dollar Tree.  Washable, and if they stain or break, I’m not out a ton of money.

One of the times this summer, I found some ideas on Pinterest for my daughter and an older teen who was watching her some days.  Not sure how  much they enjoyed themselves, they are both online gamers and video watchers at heart.  But they did have fun.  Another time, Melaina had a friend over and they just randomly decided to create.  Which was awesome!

To turn this into a party or get together, make a punch bowl or some water spritzers.  Snacks after so no one has to stop mid creation.  You can find one photo example and have them all do the same, in different colors.  Some popular items right now are pineapples, watermelon (using the corner of the canvas to create the wedge), dandelions blowing, or a daisy off center into one of the corners.  You could also so word art using popular words or phrases.  Silhouettes of themselves – use a light to cast their shadow onto the canvas and lightly trace the outline with pencil.  They can add color, depth, light and shadow in their own color choices.

For younger groups, you can trace hands or dive right in with finger painting LoL.  Make cute bugs using shapes.  Do a night sky or the solar system.  Possibilities are endless.

What creative outlet do you and your kids or families like to do together?  You can comment here or join the discussion on my Facebook page.


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