Bag Style, Mom Style

So, how many of you are guilty of getting a new purse or bag, taking what you actually need or use out of the old one and then tossing it into the depths of your closet – or under the bed, or with the countless others that, “I need to go through.”?  Or is that just me?

img_2193Well, in either case, let me introduce you to my newest and currently favorite “mom” bag!  Got it over the Fourth Of July holiday weekend at Charming Charlies.  Buy one, get one free, green dot sale – got Melaina one too.  I don’t think there is a better market for this bag than a mom.  Whether you are a SAH or working mom, this one just works.  The cute fuzzy cat pom was in my stocking at Christmas.

img_2194So as part of my self induced claim to get my purse/bag organized and stay that way (yeah I’m laughing as I type that), I wanted to share my plan and the accessories I am using to attempt this grand feat!  There are several pockets inside; large center zippered pocket, small side zipper pocket, and two side slip in pockets.  Best of all, this bag converts to several other “looks” with just a few clips, snaps and twists!

Remove the handbag handles by twisting their clips – did not even notice this part in the store.  As a matter of fact it was several days before I noticed it.  Then attach the included adjustable shoulder strap and you now have a cross-body messenger bag!  This could make an effective diaper bag for new moms, extra clothing change for moms of tots and school aged, or a working bag if you need more than just a small purse to get through the day of home, work, errands, home.

Now, if that wasn’t exciting enough for you, and it probably wasn’t, because a lot of bags and purses come with a removable shoulder strap – but the handles don’t necessarily come off.

img_2197That center zip pocket? It can be removed!  Okay, so what’s the big deal, now you just have a bag and a pocket.  No.  Add the shoulder strap to this one, put the handles back on the bag and you now have a large handbag and a cross-body purse! Oh and there was a small zippered wristlet included as well.  I currently use it for change.

Check out my next post to see the items I have started using to be more organized.


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