Party Prep

Today is my niece’s fourth birthday!  Going to a large gathering at my brother and sister law’s house. Offered to make a dish to help out. My favorite to make and eat…tuna macaroni salad!


This time I used green pepper in lieu of celery. No reason, just a different taste. That thing there on the left, Vidalia Chop Wizard, is one of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made! It is an as seen on TV product, and I love it.




It comes with two blade inserts – dice or chop. I used the dice blade for this. It makes perfect tiny squares and my logical half couldn’t be happier LoL.  Makes this part of prep super easy!

OMG! Sooo much food! And tons of little super hero kids running around. Props to the dads – almost all of them are wearing a super hero shirt! LOVE!


If you find yourself at a large gathering and want to take home a doggie bag, put your car keys on top of the bag in the fridge. You won’t forget it that way.

What birthday party themes have you seen this year or have planned?  Let me know here or join the discussion on Facebook page.


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