Are You My Mom?

Ever have a day where you don’t want to “mom”?  I mean once we have kids, we are always on as a mother.  Whether you are home, at work, out with friends or on vacation.  You are still a mom.  It never goes away!  And not in the sense that we want our kids to go away, but what about just being me.

img_2413That got me to thinking.  Just me now includes mom.  And fighting it, or trying to dodge it on some days isn’t going to get me back to the me I was before being a mom.  A phone call from the day care or school will ALWAYS make your heart jump and race while choking back a small gasp of, “Oh no! What happened? What’s wrong?” Only to answer and realize it is a robo call for the upcoming bake sale.  As they get older and attend parties or overnights and that late night call or text comes from them.  As you are outwardly rolling your eyes and huffing out a sigh at your me time being interrupted, inside you are frantic and mentally getting dressed and remembering where the car keys are so you can be out the door and on your way to the rescue.

So yeah, you can take a day off from momming – I don’t think that is a word by the way.  At the tween and older age, they can make some stuff to eat on their own, stay in pajamas, zone into their electronics – but we all know, even a small portion of ourselves will be on the mom station.  Waiting for the, what we all feel is the inevitable, “Mom!”  So, it is probably time to stop separating myself into woman, wife, mom and start thinking of all of them as just me.  I used to feel like I had no identity of my own except in my late teens, early twenties.  I grew up as my parent’s daughter, got married and became hubby’s wife, had a kid and became Melaina’s mom.  But what if I change the thought process around on that a bit; my parents, Vicki’s husband, Vicki’s daughter.  Then it all becomes a bit more clear.  All of those roles we find ourselves playing aren’t supposed to be separate.  They are me.

Want time to do something on your own?  Schedule it.  With the family.  Say you want an hour to read, surf socials, watch a show on the DVR.  Tell them from this time to that time, it is Vicki time out.  No interruptions allowed – obviously unless it’s an emergency, well then get your mom on.  It’s hard. We are still working on that around here.  Do you have mom time outs? Join the discussion on my Facebook page and share some ideas!


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