Not Digital

Despite the many digital devices and our love of technology around here, not everything is digital.  Earlier this summer, I asked Melaina, now that she is tall enough to reach the entire freezer, to turn on the ice maker.  A few seconds of silence then the affirmative, “Okay! Got it!”  Imagine my utter confusion, when a few hours later, I went to get ice and there was none.  Hmmm….oohhh…laughing out loud I called her down to the kitchen and asked her to show me how she turned on the ice maker.

img_2441Ours makes ice in the freezer, but does not dispense it.  Here is a picture of that section of our freezer.  Notice the arm in the up/off position.  When she made her way over to me at the open door, I asked her to show me how she turned on the ice maker.  The first thing she noticed? “What? How come there isn’t any ice?”


This is why.img_2443  She had pushed the “ON” button.  I still crack up when this story comes up.  She wasn’t too thrilled with me making her finger pose for this photo either.  Think about it though.  Kids in today’s digital world, don’t necessarily realize that the automatic way to do something might not be digital.


So enjoy this funny story and feel free to share it; never pass up an opportunity to embarrass your child!

Any, “It’s not digital.” stories to share?  Head on over to my Facebook page and share away!


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