National Waffle Day – Gluten Free

Oh yes...I just went there.  Waffles, practically their own food group, gluten free! At school registration today, my daughter and some of her friends commented about the SnapChat filter for National Waffle Day.  That led to one of her friends saying we needed to have waffles.  She has to eat gluten free, so we swung by … Continue reading National Waffle Day – Gluten Free

What To Wear – Back To School Part 2

Middle School. I often call it the holding place while tweens and young teens get through the major changes during puberty. I firmly believe that is why middle school came into play. Several decades ago schools went K-8 then 9-12. A lot of private schools still do. Well someone somewhere must of gotten smart and … Continue reading What To Wear – Back To School Part 2

Weekend Line Up – Friday Freak Out

Friday...a lot of us, myself included, feel an automatic stress release hearing that word. Nine-to-fivers have a couple days off, don’t need to constantly tell your kid, “Time for bed!”.  No lunches to make in a rush after dinner, while making sure everything is ready to go the next morning.  Checking homework or helping them … Continue reading Weekend Line Up – Friday Freak Out